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Bald Cypress

Taxodium distichum 'Bald'

Bald Cypress


Bald Cypress is a lofty, deciduous conifer of slender, pyramidal habit. This is a stately tree for parks and yards. The pale green, needle-like leaves turn a brilliant coppery red in fall before dropping, but the bare branches and reddish gray, peeling bark provide much landscape interest during the winter. Some birds and squirrels use the small seeds.

Use and Management

Although often seen at water’s edge Bald Cypress can also be grown in dry locations and makes an attractive lawn, street, or shade tree. It provides a good vertical accent to the landscape and should be used more often in urban areas. The roots do not appear to lift sidewalks and curbs.

Bald Cypress is ideal for wet locations, such as its native habitat of stream banks and mucky soils, but the tree will also grow remarkably well on almost any soil, including heavy, compacted, or poorly drained soil. Locate where the sun will strike the tree on all sides for best symmetrical development. Bald Cypress is relatively maintenance-free, requiring pruning to remove dead wood and unwanted lower branches.


  • Typically planted in 10, 15, 30, or 45 gal containers
  • B&B trees are specified in height (6’ – 8’ ht, etc) or caliper (3” cal., etc)
  • Container trees can be double the price of B&B trees
  • Plant container trees in late summer, if price allows
  • Plant B&B trees if they were dug and cured in the winter months

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