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Silver King Euonymus

Euonymus japonica 'Silver King'

Silver King Euonymus


A beautiful upright growing Euonymus shrub with a very vigorous growth rate – many times over two foot per year. Leaves are large, dark hunter green towards the center with a creamy white border / margin. Keeps good color all through the winter. Loves full sun, but will also thrive in somewhat shady conditions as well. Average soil and moisture requirements make this shrub an excellent choice for most any landscape. Can be used as an upright accent planting, or can even be trimmed to lower heights for use as anything from a medium sized accent plant to a striking hedge planting.

Additional Characteristics

  • Potentially high maintenance
  • No significant flowers
  • No significant fall color
  • Medium texture
  • Moderate to fast growth
  • Slightly alkaline; clay; sand; acidic; loam soils


  • Typically planted in 1 gal, 3 gal or 5 gal containers

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