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Enchantress Hawthorne

Raphiolepis indica 'Enchantress'

Enchantress Hawthorne


The Enchantress Hawthorne is a slow-growing, medium (2’-3’ height), evergreen shrub ideal for any sunny garden. The neat, compact growth habit seldom needs pruning. High salt-tolerance makes any Indian Hawthorne especially useful for seaside plantings.

Use and Management

Use the Enchantress as a dense, large-scale groundcover, low divider, or informal hedge, planted in front of foundation plantings. Plant the Enchantress as an accent plant in small areas, or mass plant in larger beds to produce a spectacular splash of spring color.

The rich, grey-green leaves are set off by a profusion of pink flowers appearing in springtime. A second, less pronounced flower display maybe produced in the fall. Flowers are followed months later by somewhat showy, small, purplish-black berries.

Indian Hawthorne does best on well-drained soils and tolerates drought conditions well. Plants will not be as dense or flower well if grown in partial shade. In addition, plants in less than 6 hours of sun often lose foliage due to leaf spot disease. This is a perfect low-maintenance small shrub in the sun.


    Instant Landscape
  • Plant 24” OC for an instant landscape with a good budget.
  • Spec 5 or 7 gal containers

    Normal or budget Landscape
  • Plant 30” – 36” OC for budget landscapes.
  • Use 1 gal or 3 gal containers

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