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D. D. Blanchard Magnolia

Magnolia grandiflora 'D. D. Blanchard'

D. D. Blanchard Magnolia


D. D. Blanchard has a compact and pyramidal growth and is evergreen. This cultivar does not produce as many flowers as most; the flowers are like most Southern Magnolias, creamy white globe shaped with fantastic fragrance. The Leaves on the Blanchard are unique, the tops are shiny green like other Magnolias but the backs are a rusty almost orange color. A striking tree for any landscape, with the room, can reach up to 50 feet tall with a 25-30 foot spread.

Use and Management

D. D. Blanchard is an excellent selection for use as a privacy screen. It can also be used as a specimen plant both in the residential landscape as well in large islands for commercial projects.


  • Typically planted in 10, 15, 30, 45 or 65 gal containers.
  • B&B trees are specified in height (6’ – 8’ ht, etc) or caliper (3” cal., etc)
  • Container trees can be double the price of B&B trees
  • Plant container trees in late summer, if price allows
  • Plant B&B trees if they were dug and cured in the winter months

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