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Harbor Dwarf Nandina

nandina domestica 'Harbor Dwarf'

Harbor Dwarf Nandina


Harbor Dwarf Nandina is a dense, compact cultivar of Nandina Domestica. It branches from the ground to form a dense mound about 18 inches in height. Dwarf Nandina has smaller leaves and more branches than the species. Small, pink or bronze, tripinnately compound, leaves emerge in spring and turn orange to red in the winter. The flowers and fruits of this cultivar are also smaller than the species and less abundant.

Use and Management

Harbor Dwarf Nandina is used in the landscape as an attractive and graceful ground cover or edging. Plant on 18 to 24 inch centers to form a thick ground cover. It is an interesting plant all year round.

Harbor Dwarf Nandina will grow well when given full sun or partial shade. It tolerates most well drained soils and will endure periods of drought. The canes of this plant do not branch but there are many stems originating at ground level to thicken the plant.


    Instant Landscape
  • Plant 18” OC for an instant landscape with a good budget.
  • Spec 3 gal containers

    Normal or budget Landscape
  • Plant 18” – 24” OC for budget landscapes.
  • Spec 1 gal or 3 gal containers

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