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This fast growing evergreen shrub can reach up to 20 feet tall but is usually seen trimmed at 6 to 10 feet. It forms a rounded mound to about 10 foot wide. It is a tough, versatile plant with showy summertime flowers in white, red, pin, salmon and light yellow. Leathery, lance shaped leaves range from about 4 to 10 inches depending on the variety and are bright green. Oleanders have a tendency to become leggy-overgrown plants and should be pruned as needed to maintain a nice shape.

Use and Management

Use Oleander for screens, informal hedges, colorful accents, beach plantings, and cityscapes. By removing suckers, and leaving just a few stems, Oleander can be formed into very attractive small trees. Oleander is suitable for container gardens and is a fine choice for bringing color into greenhouses and conservatories.

Additional Characteristics

  • Soil Moisture: Moist, well-drained
  • Soil Types/Tolerance: N/A
  • Uses: Screens, informal hedges, accents
  • Special Feature: Fragrant flowers
  • Special Resistance: Good ability to survive heat and exhaust
  • Special Note: Some sources indicate to restrict planting around
    playgrounds or other areas frequented by young children and pets
    due to the toxicity if ingested


  • Available in 3 and 5 gal containers
  • Suggested plant spacing are:
  • Plant 36” OC
  • Bed Preparation:
  • Spread 3” of bed mix in ground cover beds
  • Till 6” deep, rake beds to drain away from structure
  • Plant
  • Topdress with 2” of double ground (fine) hardwood mulch.
  • Hand water in after planting
  • Set sprinkler controller to water beds:
  • Once every two days for two weeks in spring and early fall.
  • Once a day for two weeks when temperatures reach 98 degree +.
  • Have Owner monitor moisture and report over or under watering immediately.
  • After two weeks reassess the watering needs, and set at twice a week thereafter.

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