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Loblolly Pine

Pinus, taeda

Loblolly Pine


Loblolly Pine is a large evergreen tree that reaches heights of 60’ to 90’. The leaves are needle-like, 4” to 9” long, borne in fascicles of three. They have a slight bluish-green tinge, are stiff, and sometimes slightly twisted.

The fruit of Loblolly pine are dark brown, oblong to cylindrical cones, about 3” to 6” long, and persistent on the trees for several seasons. Loblolly Pine produces a large number of cones every year.

Use and Management

The Loblolly Pine is one of the fastest growing evergreens with a long life that makes an excellent windscreen. It loses branches with age so it can also be used as a shade tree. The Loblolly Pine tree is very easy to transplant and adapts well to moist soil conditions.

Loblolly pines provide shelter and food for many birds. The seeds are consumed by chipmunks, squirrels and other small rodents.

Additional Characteristics

  • Soil Moisture: Moist, Well Drained
  • Soil Types/Tolerance: Clay; Loam; Sand; Acidic; Well Drained
  • Additional Features: Produces seeds, attracts wildlife


  • Typically planted in 10, 15, 30, 45 or 65 gal containers
  • B&B trees are specified in height (6’ – 8’ ht, etc) or caliper (3” cal., etc)
  • Container trees can be double the price of B&B trees
  • Plant container trees in late summer, if price allows
  • Plant B&B trees if they were dug and cured in the winter months

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