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Green Cloud Texas Sage

Leucophyllum frutescens 'Green Cloud'

Green Cloud Texas Sage


Green Cloud Sage is a large, upright to spreading evergreen shrub that can grow to 6-8 feet tall and 6-8 feet across. The relatively large, green leaves provide an ideal backdrop for the rich, rose-purple flowers. In low deserts, this plant will retain most of its foliage. However, in cold winter, or in middle desert locations, the plant will shed about half of its foliage, leaving the plant somewhat bare. The 1-inch long, rose-purple flowers appear from June through October, seemingly triggered by periods of high humidity.

Use and Management

Green Cloud is quite drought tolerant, but plants will be denser and flower better if given supplemental water in the summer. This form is fast growing, and can achieve a fairly large size in one or two growing seasons.

Plants should be pruned back severely in the spring to increase density, then left to grow naturally throughout the summer and fall blooming seasons.

This cultivar is best used in full or reflected sun in the transition or dry zones of a Xeriscape. Plants can be planted singly, grouped loosely or used as an informal hedge.


Green Cloud is susceptible to root rot in poorly drained soils. A young plant may be eaten by animals such as rabbits and deer. An older. More established plant or one that is grown hard (not watered and fertilized heavily) will be less likely to get eaten. As for pruning, the plant blooms on the currents year’s growth, so avoid pruning during the blooming season.

Additional Characteristics

  • Soil Moisture: Moist, well-drained
  • Soil Types/Tolerance: Adaptable
  • Flowers: Rose-purple, June through October
  • Uses: Low hedge, lawn plant or background shrub
  • Additional Features: Attracts Birds
  • Special Resistance: Susceptible to root rot; rabbits and deer are attracted to the plant


  • Available in 1, 3, 5 or 15 gal containers.
  • Suggested plant spacing are:
  • Plant 18’, 24” to 36” OC or as a specimen
  • Bed Preparation:
  • Spread 3” of bed mix in ground cover beds
  • Till 6” deep, rake beds to drain away from structure
  • Plant
  • Topdress with 2” of double ground (fine) hardwood mulch.
  • Hand water in after planting
  • Set sprinkler controller to water beds:
  • Once every two days for two weeks in spring and early fall.
  • Once a day for two weeks when temperatures reach 98+ degree.
  • Have Owner monitor moisture and report over or under watering immediately.
  • After two weeks reassess the watering needs, and set at twice a week thereafter.

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