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Dwarf Wax Myrtle

Myrica cerifera 'pumilla'

Dwarf Wax Myrtle


Dwarf Waxmyrtle has become a mainstay in many Texas landscapes, valued for its aromatic, soft, evergreen foliage, 3 to 6 foot height and spread, and adaptability to full sun or bright shade and a variety of soils, ranging from boggy to very dry. It is very similar to regular Southern Waxmyrtle and is considered by some botanists to be merely a dwarf variety.

The fine-textured wispy foliage makes an excellent pruned hedge, or the plant may be limbed up to make an attractive specimen. New spring growth produces a bayberry scent, which is evident on bruised leaves throughout the year. Dwarf wax myrtle is sensitive to cold or below-freezing winds, which may defoliate or cause severely browned leaves. It is suggested to plant in a protected area of the landscape.

It attracts birds, but is not attracted by deer.

Additional Characteristics

  • Low maintenance
  • Upright, vase shape growth habit
  • Medium texture
  • Moderate growth
  • Use as a hedge or mass planting


  • Typically planted in 1, 3, 5, and 7 gal containers.

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