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Big Blue Liriope

Liriope Muscari

Big Blue Liriope


Liriope or lilyturf is a very versatile grass-like groundcover that is adapted to a wide range of conditions, including drought and salt spray. Most cultivars do well in heavy shade or full sun, although some cultivars, especially the variegated ones, are better used in shade.

Use and Management

Liriope is used a ground cover under trees and shrubs, on slopes and banks, accent plant, and even as low edging plants along paved areas and in front of foundation plantings. Does not tolerate foot traffic, as a few references suggest. Attractive violet-blue flowers develop in summer and lasts several weeks. Flowers are followed by blue-blackberry like fruit in the fall. Shear this plant back in spring with a sharp mower blade. This will encourage a flush of new growth. Do this before the new growth emerges. Liriope is easily propagated by division in early spring.


  • Available in 2”, 4”, 6” pots or 1 gal containers
  • Suggested plant spacing are: 6” to 9” OC for 2” or 4” pots, 12” to 18” OC for 1 gal containers, Plant in triangular spacing
  • Bed Preparation: Spread 3” of bed mix in ground cover beds, Till 6” deep, rake beds to drain away from structure, Plant, Topdress with 2” of double ground (fine) hardwood mulch
  • Hand water in after planting
  • Set sprinkler controller to water beds: Once every two days for two weeks in spring and early fall; once a day for two weeks when temperatures reach 98+ degrees
  • Have Owner monitor moisture and report over or under watering immediately
  • After two weeks reassess the watering needs, and set at twice a week thereafter

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