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Bermuda TIFF 419

Cynodon 'TIFF 419'

Bermuda TIFF 419


Tifway 419 is an improved hybrid Bermuda developed from the famed Tifton, Georgia turf-breeding program. Tifway forms a fine textured, dense hybrid Bermuda turf that excels in high traffic areas or under athletic field conditions. It is more aggressive than Tifgreen and holds its color longer going into the winter months. Tifway performs at its best in full sun with a mowing height of ½-3/4 inches. When fully established, it has excellent drought and heat tolerance and will recover quickly from abuse or neglect.


Tifway 419 is recommended for full sun turf grass areas with high traffic and heavy use conditions. It is best utilized on well-maintained athletic fields and golf fairways and tees. Tiff is ideal for residential and commercial lawns. You can plant this grass in the full sun or with little or no shade.

Sod is harvested by machine to a uniform thickness of ¾ inch, plus top growth.

Sod is shipped several ways:

  • Squares - a 2.5 square foot section of sod measuring 15 inches wide by 2 feet long (most common)
  • Slabs - a 5 square foot section of sod measuring 15 inches wide by 4 feet long
  • Mini-roll – a 10 square foot section measuring 2 foot wide by 5 foot long
  • Big Roll – a 275 square foot section of sod measuring 30 inches by 110 feet long

Prior to harvesting, sod is mowed uniformly to a height of approximately ¾ of an inch. It is folded with the grass facing out. Each full pallet contains approximately 500 square feet of sod. Sod is shipped sufficiently dry for transportation and handling, yet moist enough to facilitate installation. It should be installed within 24 hours of delivery. Shipping pallets are the property of the sod company with a refundable deposit fee. They are typically loaded onto our trailers and brought back to the office. Then arrangements should be made for the sod company to pick them up.

The site is typically accepted at + 0.10’ with little or no additional grading required. A light raking is usually necessary before laying sod. However, if tilling is needed, contact the owner or owner’s representative and obtain a field change order before proceeding. Once the site is properly prepared, begin laying the sod at the rear of the project and work your way toward the front, avoiding walking on the newly laid sod. For residential and small commercial projects, sod should be laid perpendicular to the street. Sod should be laid perpendicular the contours on sloped sites.

Approximately three-quarter way through installation, have someone start rolling the sod and either hand-soak or start the irrigation system. Set the controller to water twice a day for two weeks, set rotors for twenty minutes and sprays for ten minutes per cycle. Be sure and instruct Owner to reset the controller after the two-week period.

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