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Little Princess Spirea

Spirea japonica 'Little Princess'

Little Princess Spirea


Little Princess Spirea is a dense compact shrub excellent for foundation plantings, but can also be used in borders, rock gardens or cottage gardens.

Use and Management

Growing between 2 and 4 feet high, the Princess can be used for edging as part of a low hedge. Little Princess requires little maintenance, only pruning when a certain shape as desired. Once the Little Princess’ blue-green foliage returns from winter, the plant’s pink flowers quickly follow. With a blooming period lasting from early spring through the middle of summer, the shrub’s oval shaped leaves will take on appealing red hues in autumn.

Additional Characteristics

  • Low maintenance
  • Upright, broad, flat, compact shrub
  • Dark green leaves, new growth is pink-tinged
  • Medium to fine texture
  • Rapid growth
  • Adaptable to wide range of soils


  • Typically planted in 1 gal, 3 gal or 5 gal containers.

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